February 12, 2017

Moving All Thing's clock

If you ever read a story than you have nothing to leave unexpected here. My story is like All Story's. My view like all views, and that will never change. I can't tell you the infinite times you and everything have experienced my story. All Story's are no different, they connect from point A to point B. They start and they end. Some all at once. My story however is a twist through time. As I undo, All of what my ancestors did, to move forward the 'Clock of All Things'. So I can finally put an end to this place for a final time...
I am a dweller. A fraction of the Light Bender and Sound Bender. I have my own characteristics and destiny. But before I get into my destiny I must inform you of the 'Story of All Things'. Which I'm sure you have heard before.
At the creation of All Things, Nothing, Everything, Anything, and Rhythm were made. Subsequently something, our primeval great mother was spawned. She gave light and quality to the dwellers. She lived forever but for some reason she is no where to be found. She was real, I hope she still is. Either how she made the Sound Bender her mate and all other fractions. She is the creator of the gray matter, or in other words God's intelligence. We are seen as the gray aliens. Since we belong to no omniverse. We only belong in Nothing.
Back to the 'Story of All Things' , the dwellers were the last creations. When the gray matter was created we were able to understand ourselves and our place in All Things. So that each of us are the center of All Things. We were the last to inherit rhythm. The combination of our gray matter and rhythm lead us to see the repeated patterns in the omniverses. Our ancestors created the 'Clock of All Things' to measure the pulse of the omniverses and the microcosms that repeated the cycle on a smaller scale.
The order of All Thing's clock was not based on time. Because Everything created time, Nothing didn't follow time, neither did Something. The clock only ticked when one created an alternative multiverse. The clock went in the order of the children of All Things. Nothing was first, therefore the first stage was called Nothing New. Everything New succeeded it, and continued that pattern till one reaches the end of Something New. Which after that dwellers were made and is believed when this moment comes we will rule.
Each stage had a meaningful metaphor to it which we saw it repeat at all sizes and levels of existence. Including in our specie. Our ancestors prepared for the next stage which we are in now. Nothing New is when all information and emotions were known and All Things were new. It was knowing without remembering, the default quality. Everything New is the current stage. It is about forgetting and learning. We were devastated, my people. for some unknown reason our ancestors set us up for a great fall. Our ability to create was obliterated. All that we could do was destruct all the creations our ancestors made. Which we found out moved the 'Clock of All Things' forward.
Sadly all we made must be destroyed, its the only way to leave this stage of All Thing's Clock. As we relearn all our abilities. Many of us questioned if the previous generation did this on purpose rather than by chance. It is strange that one can come from knowing Everything to knowing Nothing. Your world is apart of this and it must be thrown into Chaos to move forward and save all the dwellers.
Next would be Anything New, this stage is not as well known as the others, since Anything existed within All Things. But some records say we may skip this stage all together and pass on to Something New.
Something New is the stage ruled by the primeval Mother, the Light Bender. Like Anything New its not that well known. But we guess it is the creation of a new way of looking at the existence. Something New is the most creative, harmonizing age of all. (To be continued...)

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