December 31, 2011


At the birth of All things, Rhythm was made. Rhythm though had no form, so All things had rhythm within her. Rhythm could never speak or create so Rhythm would dance. She would dance her sad beats, and played games with her self. Rhythm though she could not understand why she danced. And only made two dances. The first dance was the Rhythm of 'The macrocosm.' The second dance was the dance of 'The Microcosm.' Within and without once again made. All things loved Rhythm and she hated her. But she couldn't help but be in love with her dance. All Things took Rhythm's dance and danced to it.
Then when Nothing, Everything, and Anything were born, All Things gave them Rhythm's dance. All Things dissolved Rhythm into herself. So now All Things was Rhythm. Nothing was the first to inherit the dance of Rhythm. He and All Things danced together. Within and Without once again. Everything was then birthed and then was given the dance of Rhythm. Nothing no longer had the pattern of Rhythm's dance. Nothing therefore could create and hold all things without the needing of the macrocosm or microcosm, without sequence. Everything danced with All Things. Everything did the dance of the macrocosm. Something(The nameless One) did the dance of the microcosm. All Things rejoiced to Rhythm and repeated her dance forever within herself. All Things followed the same pattern, which later all archetypes originate from and all stories. All The dwellers danced as well.
The End.

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