October 24, 2011

I shall let no thing go unloved

Its infathomable that one of chanceCan be aware of its own stance
Beyond, believe, conceive
And that it mirages me to decieve
That it exist in actual dance

It rends my heart
To see another tear apart
Hate, Self, Love
Providence bestow thee from above
That all hate them they proclaim
These feelings to me are unacclaim

Such statements are lies
To continue the persistant cries
That all hate with out sound
That all has depressing doom around
I shall let no being be scorned
It is the greatest gift, from those who mourned
Sobbed, empty, needing
And that love could be the succeeding
Of this gift you gave me
That sets my trapped soul free
Hate me if you love each other
Love each other as a bother
sacrfice, burden, pain
I shall love you all no matter how in vain