The Omnicosm of All things series

The Omnicosm of All things
By Jalia Hubbard

At school, at home, and on the internet I have been creating lately a new series.  Inspired accidentally, from what I can recall, The Omnicosm of All things is just what the title presents.  It is a collection of my ideas combined with characters. I learn through my stories and perhaps others through it learn of me.  This page of would be a work in progress since the series itself is a work in progress just like all the rest of my unfinished ideas. 
Some history.
Prior to the creation of 'The Omnicosm of All things' I was working on a different series to which I will return soon  as I stop coming up with so many ideas to quickly to write them all down.  The name of the series before this one is called the Odyssey of Jason and Heidia.  The ideas in the story are Nothing New to the universe but its organization is unique.  The themes within the story are from my early childhood imaginary escapades and daydreams I used to dream-up all the time.  I wasn't as well a writer as I am now because I spend a great deal of my time remembering them to write them down.  But of course they are never the same as before.
The beginning.
It all started by accident or on purpose, I can't recall how.  I was 'meditating' on a beautiful story.  At that time the story was but a vague fetus within my mind.  When I finally came to think I should write it down the story we recognize as 'The Quest to Knowing All things' had taken its first shape.  All the characters and their names were born on the spot and followed the outline of previous characters and persons I've thought of before.
The immediate.
I have so many ideas for my Omnicosm that I had to withhold on making them all until later.  There are 12 main stories in the 'Omnicosm of All things'.  The others are extra stories or countless poems.  The list of these 12 is vague and incomplete but I do know a few to which are definitely on the list such as:

  • Quest to Knowing All things

  • Moving All things' Clock

  • Laying down the tracks

  • Let me tell you what you are

  • And I Finally matter

  • Humma the Incarnation of All things

  • Feeding the fire

  • Its the measure of All things
The End.
"Must not all things at the last be swallowed up in death?"-Plato.  The end ,as in all else, is absolute.   Easy to imagine and write for the writer.  Easy for the story teller to tell, and once more I state is easy to summarize.  The death of All things is in fact in her birth.  At the end of several of my stories in the series, I think many picture the characters having an experience with the death of All things.  The death of All things is called All things New.  Here is an incomplete list of stories that foreshadows the death of All things:

  • Moving All things' Clock

  • Quest to Knowing All things

  • And I Finally Matter
There are probably more but those stories are not handy right now.  Where All things may lead me, I am unsure.  But I will stay around to find out is it all worth living for.