November 15, 2009

The Quest to knowing All Things... Part Three

The nameless one: "What is in Everything that should matter to me?"

Nothing: "You. You are at the center of All Things, and All things revolves around you. All collapses inward to you."

The nameless one: "How do you know this? Wouldn't that mean you have been there?"

Nothing: "No but one doesn't need to know Everything to know All Things, to know you. All you need to know is whats missing, you completed All Things. In order for All things to exist in Everything the conditions must be made sustainable. You have done just that so far."

The nameless one: "What in you that I need more than Everything?"

Nothing: "Origin... One can never truly stray far from its original origin, always coming back to it sooner or later. When I became the origin of All Things, the cycle of All Things being the origin was broken and so now when Everything someday may at last stop resisting her fate and join me all shall be Nothing. You shall however choose your own fate Something."

The nameless one: "Are there others like me Nothing?"

Nothing: "You are the original child of Everything and I. Others are yet to be made though not by us but by you."

The nameless one: "Why does Everything know so little about herself? How Do I make others?"

Nothing: "She is all that is yet to become of All Things and you the finality of All Things. You are the at the center of All Things, all our power is your power. On the beginning of your quest, you sought to know Everything because of innocent blissful ignorance. Coming later to Nothing, let me show where to quest next, search within Something. There, is only the things that are worth knowing."

The nameless one: "Is that why I am?"

Nothing is silent.

The nameless one: "Nothing do not leave me, Everything do not leave me!"

The nameless one is silent. All Things is at last silent.

The nameless one: "The feeling is to strong now and all feels full of wisdom and hope. Now I know I must complete All Things, as if I can not find meaning in myself may one day another shall come in new form to complete All Things where I can not. And do the same as the universe has done for me."

Laying the tracks down (page two)

'To' is when you have an actual destination that is imaginable and you can understand it, stand above it, behind it, or next to it. It is irony because the small town apart of the nation under the Primeval Mother is always within Nothing. There is always a place 'From' and 'To'.

The man in charge declared a break. During the break Nothing happened and came to Phil. Phil saw him because Everything that evening made this possible. Phil stood before Nothing in the Horizon. Nothing spoke.

"Good afternoon sir, how are you?" Said Nothing.

Phil wondered how no one else noticed that Nothing was there. That a strange entity could appear out of No where and before all of the laborers unnoticed. Phil was no longer a worker he was a thinker. He at last questioned his place in Nothing. Nothing without a word just vanished into the background Everything. Phil reached his hand out to touch the air where Nothing stood. He felt Nothing still there, then he felt the air.

Phil looked at the workers who spaced out looking at the task, waiting for the break to be over to work once more, and never have to work again. Their faces were flawless and flawful. Phil looked at the horizon and thought.

"This is an impossible task we could never reach the where ever we are going. We are in the horizon of hind thoughts. We were done the moment we started. Some one should advise the man in charge."

Phil looks at the workers, who are just waiting.

"I guess it must be me. I'll tell the man in charge."

Phil walks forward to the man in charge who is surprised and with a look of fear in his eyes.

"What are you doing here? You're suppose to be with the rest on break. Far over there!." Cracked the frail voice of the man in charge.

"Sir, I must inform you of our task-!"

"Our we out of wood, if so I'm sure the train will be back soon. You can go away now." Interrupted the scared man in charge.

"No sir, you told me earlier we were building to the horizon. Thats impossible sir-."

"Of course it is if your not working, we're never be done! Break over, get of my sight!" Scolded the furious man in charge.

November 10, 2009

Laying the tracks down (page one)

The radiant blistering heat cascades down from the sun on to the backs of the labored workers. Tired and exhausted working on the continuous tracks of steel rails. One of the laborers speaks.

"Why are we building this? When will we be done?"

"Silence worker, if you stopped talking and more working we'll be done by now. Besides we're building to the horizon." Said the man in charge.

The worker returned to his task laying down the tracks. They worked in a place without shade. Nothing to shield them from the heat or protect them and hide them from predators and the man in charge. They had no escape even from themselves. There was no such thing as death here they lived forever until they reach the horizon. There was no beauty or ugliness. The scenery was apathetic to the workers just as they were to the surrounding world. There were no women, only men worked on this rail. They had little education and didn't argue with the man in charge. Only a train came from the tracks in the opposite horizon to bring supplies, wood, steel, iron, and sweat.

The men were zombies, they looked only at their task and never at each other. They never questioned where they're going, for who they build for, and why the sky was forever stuck at noon. No one told them to question, but they don't listen to No one.
The horizon went on for so long they couldn't see where they came from and so they forgot. All the love and tears their wives gave them when they started the tracks into the horizon was forgotten. They waved good bye from the small town within the harsh world. Only a few men stayed behind to raise families and protect the women.

The man in charge had all the authority because he did. No one was to argue with him, he told the men, who had no reason to argue with him.

The names of the men were Phil, Charles, Hooke, Quan, Delios, and Cameron. Phil was the man who asked the questions. Something was different about Phil though. He had the ability of thought and most of the time was not considered a worker by the other workers. Only the man in charge with no name known called him a worker.

Phil laid down the steel rails so the other men could fasten them down. He was told and supervised by the man in charge to what directions they laid the tracks. Because the sky was stuck in noon since they left, no one could calculate their direction, every way was forward. They pushed forward in every direction except where they came from.

Everything devastated that her creations were lost in the continuous void desert. She told Nothing to go to Phil and point him in the direction of home. Nothing refused the will of Everything. He will not tell nor point Phil to any direction. Instead he will point to him that he is going in one direction called 'From'.

'From' was when you are within Nothing and come from the land of the Primeval Mother. It was called this because one can only come 'From' Nothing to the land of the to the land of the Primeval Mother. You can only find more Nothing in Nothing because he has no 'To'.