December 7, 2009

Laying the tracks down (page five)

"Anyways, Something my daughter, is within Everything who is surrounded by me. The mate of Everything," said Nothing.

"How can nothing mate with Everything thats impossible!" Said Phil.

"Nothing is impossible, thats why I'm here, your in my domain. You'll listen to my story the way I tell it and you'll understand it my way," lectured Nothing "Have you yet to ask Everything what she mates with? No you haven't therefore you do not know, but I do!"

"Weren't we just talking about me a moment ago?" Smirked Phil.

"This is exactly why I didn't want to help you, your impossible?"

"If I was then I'd be you," laughed Phil.

"Err, forget it knowledge apparently isn't worth that much to you?"

"Wait no I shall no longer interrupt you. I'll be quiet, Promise!" Spoke Phil.

"You are from my daughter Something, which makes you a fraction of Something. But because it is only you here within Nothing you are the closet thing to my daughter for a vast distance. You are heading into the Realm of Nothing called from. Your task is indeed impossible as you are in the impossible or my home. Nothing is in Nowhere, Nothing only appears when my siblings aren't there. Nothing is what my siblings and creator are in, and inside me is more of Nothing. I refuse to be measurable. The only beautiful thing within me is Everything, my love. I appear when I am summoned and when you mock Nothing."

"Is that all to know about you?" Questioned Phil.

"Of course there is little to know about Nothing. In fact the truth theres nothing to know about Nothing," said Nothing.

"So what reason is there to knowing this?"

"It is the truth and it is recorded that you must know Nothing to know Everything. Since I left you have been amazed with everything. You must teach them, the people of the Land of the Primeval Mother, that they are within Nothing. My last message for you is from the will of Everything. Continue your 'Phil turns' till you reach home."

"What if they see home and blame me?"

"These men are fools. Wait and see what happens," smirked Nothing.

December 5, 2009

Laying the tracks down (page four)

"Amazing, Absolutely amazing! I can't believe what I just created in my mind. I never thought I could do that. I wonder what else I can do?"

Phil excited, rested on his back staring into the endless horizon of the undead desert. Smiling towards the beauty as he imagined the desert within his mind. After a while of silence and motionlessness Nothing appeared beside the resting Phil.

"Hello Nothing!" Said Phil.

"So you can see me now?" Said Nothing.

"Of course you just appeared out of nowhere!"

"Nowhere is Nothing, Nothing is in Nowhere. Why wouldn't I be here?" Questioned Nothing.

"Uh-hmm, I'm not sure." Stuttered Phil.

"You know so little about Nothing yet there is only Nothing to know about me."

"What do you mean?" Said Phil.

"I think your mind has the potential of understanding. I'll tell you how to know Nothing."

"How can you know Nothing? If I know you then I don't know Nothing. Wouldn't that mean I all ready know all there is about Nothing?" Replied Phil.

"But I am Nothing and nothing more. True you and All Things may not fully understand me but you should know where I am and when I appear," preached Nothing.

"All Things?" Questioned Phil.

"Another story for another time, for now I'll tell you what you are. You are from the land of the primeval Mother which is Something."

"Of course its something, its a place!" Interrupted Phil.

"Not something, I mean the one and only Something, my daughter and only child. You see, Everything and I made Something and then...Wait, wait, wait this is off topic entirely! Stop confusing Nothing!"

"Sorry, please continue," apologized Phil.

December 1, 2009

Laying the tracks down (page three)

The man in charge walked to the workers and continued to order them. Phil turned around and spoke to himself aloud.

"Err, it seems he won't listen. How can I help our cause if he won't listen? But I know, I know why don't they want what is truly all around them, do they want to waist their lives? Maybe I can still help them."

Phil turned around facing the crew with a curious attitude he never had before. Everything was suddenly of interest and amazing to him. Though Everything, he did not know was the one who sent Nothing to save them from pointless doom.

Phil looked peculiarly at the steel rails. Something had just remerged from her father Nothing. An idea was birthed in his mind. Without directed thought, Phil took the steel rail and laid it slightly curved to the left so unnoticeable. Phil had planned to turn this train rail around. He was going to turn the rail slightly left every time they get far enough to not notice the turn.

Phil knew this was not a simple task, to fool them and remember every moment of noon. There was no night to sleep and rest, only periodical breaks in the hot sun. Phil wasn't impatient, for time in this place could never be recorded. Therefore he had eternity to get them back home.

Phil, over vast distance made several of his Phil turns. Till he heard a voice within his mind.

"Make no more leftward turns till your next break." Said the mysterious voice.

Phil had no reason to argue with this voice so he aligned the tracks straight for a vast time unrecorded in the vast realm of unmeasured Nothingness.

"Break time boys! Oh and no funny business again worker Phil. You got that?" Spoke the man in charge.

"Oh, but of course, I won't argue with you ever again," smirked Phil with a devilish smile.

The man in charge never seen such an expression before so he disregarded it without suspension. Phil sat alone away from the workers and the man in charge. He sat on the dry, undead, dusty desert floor of the realm of Nothing. Phil closed his eyes, relaxed, and exhaled. Random thoughts and images appeared in his head. Phil jolted with fear and fell to his back for he has never seen images in his mind. He clutched his head and gripped his hair tight then looked at his hands.

November 15, 2009

The Quest to knowing All Things... Part Three

The nameless one: "What is in Everything that should matter to me?"

Nothing: "You. You are at the center of All Things, and All things revolves around you. All collapses inward to you."

The nameless one: "How do you know this? Wouldn't that mean you have been there?"

Nothing: "No but one doesn't need to know Everything to know All Things, to know you. All you need to know is whats missing, you completed All Things. In order for All things to exist in Everything the conditions must be made sustainable. You have done just that so far."

The nameless one: "What in you that I need more than Everything?"

Nothing: "Origin... One can never truly stray far from its original origin, always coming back to it sooner or later. When I became the origin of All Things, the cycle of All Things being the origin was broken and so now when Everything someday may at last stop resisting her fate and join me all shall be Nothing. You shall however choose your own fate Something."

The nameless one: "Are there others like me Nothing?"

Nothing: "You are the original child of Everything and I. Others are yet to be made though not by us but by you."

The nameless one: "Why does Everything know so little about herself? How Do I make others?"

Nothing: "She is all that is yet to become of All Things and you the finality of All Things. You are the at the center of All Things, all our power is your power. On the beginning of your quest, you sought to know Everything because of innocent blissful ignorance. Coming later to Nothing, let me show where to quest next, search within Something. There, is only the things that are worth knowing."

The nameless one: "Is that why I am?"

Nothing is silent.

The nameless one: "Nothing do not leave me, Everything do not leave me!"

The nameless one is silent. All Things is at last silent.

The nameless one: "The feeling is to strong now and all feels full of wisdom and hope. Now I know I must complete All Things, as if I can not find meaning in myself may one day another shall come in new form to complete All Things where I can not. And do the same as the universe has done for me."

Laying the tracks down (page two)

'To' is when you have an actual destination that is imaginable and you can understand it, stand above it, behind it, or next to it. It is irony because the small town apart of the nation under the Primeval Mother is always within Nothing. There is always a place 'From' and 'To'.

The man in charge declared a break. During the break Nothing happened and came to Phil. Phil saw him because Everything that evening made this possible. Phil stood before Nothing in the Horizon. Nothing spoke.

"Good afternoon sir, how are you?" Said Nothing.

Phil wondered how no one else noticed that Nothing was there. That a strange entity could appear out of No where and before all of the laborers unnoticed. Phil was no longer a worker he was a thinker. He at last questioned his place in Nothing. Nothing without a word just vanished into the background Everything. Phil reached his hand out to touch the air where Nothing stood. He felt Nothing still there, then he felt the air.

Phil looked at the workers who spaced out looking at the task, waiting for the break to be over to work once more, and never have to work again. Their faces were flawless and flawful. Phil looked at the horizon and thought.

"This is an impossible task we could never reach the where ever we are going. We are in the horizon of hind thoughts. We were done the moment we started. Some one should advise the man in charge."

Phil looks at the workers, who are just waiting.

"I guess it must be me. I'll tell the man in charge."

Phil walks forward to the man in charge who is surprised and with a look of fear in his eyes.

"What are you doing here? You're suppose to be with the rest on break. Far over there!." Cracked the frail voice of the man in charge.

"Sir, I must inform you of our task-!"

"Our we out of wood, if so I'm sure the train will be back soon. You can go away now." Interrupted the scared man in charge.

"No sir, you told me earlier we were building to the horizon. Thats impossible sir-."

"Of course it is if your not working, we're never be done! Break over, get of my sight!" Scolded the furious man in charge.

November 10, 2009

Laying the tracks down (page one)

The radiant blistering heat cascades down from the sun on to the backs of the labored workers. Tired and exhausted working on the continuous tracks of steel rails. One of the laborers speaks.

"Why are we building this? When will we be done?"

"Silence worker, if you stopped talking and more working we'll be done by now. Besides we're building to the horizon." Said the man in charge.

The worker returned to his task laying down the tracks. They worked in a place without shade. Nothing to shield them from the heat or protect them and hide them from predators and the man in charge. They had no escape even from themselves. There was no such thing as death here they lived forever until they reach the horizon. There was no beauty or ugliness. The scenery was apathetic to the workers just as they were to the surrounding world. There were no women, only men worked on this rail. They had little education and didn't argue with the man in charge. Only a train came from the tracks in the opposite horizon to bring supplies, wood, steel, iron, and sweat.

The men were zombies, they looked only at their task and never at each other. They never questioned where they're going, for who they build for, and why the sky was forever stuck at noon. No one told them to question, but they don't listen to No one.
The horizon went on for so long they couldn't see where they came from and so they forgot. All the love and tears their wives gave them when they started the tracks into the horizon was forgotten. They waved good bye from the small town within the harsh world. Only a few men stayed behind to raise families and protect the women.

The man in charge had all the authority because he did. No one was to argue with him, he told the men, who had no reason to argue with him.

The names of the men were Phil, Charles, Hooke, Quan, Delios, and Cameron. Phil was the man who asked the questions. Something was different about Phil though. He had the ability of thought and most of the time was not considered a worker by the other workers. Only the man in charge with no name known called him a worker.

Phil laid down the steel rails so the other men could fasten them down. He was told and supervised by the man in charge to what directions they laid the tracks. Because the sky was stuck in noon since they left, no one could calculate their direction, every way was forward. They pushed forward in every direction except where they came from.

Everything devastated that her creations were lost in the continuous void desert. She told Nothing to go to Phil and point him in the direction of home. Nothing refused the will of Everything. He will not tell nor point Phil to any direction. Instead he will point to him that he is going in one direction called 'From'.

'From' was when you are within Nothing and come from the land of the Primeval Mother. It was called this because one can only come 'From' Nothing to the land of the to the land of the Primeval Mother. You can only find more Nothing in Nothing because he has no 'To'.

August 17, 2009

The Quest to knowing All Things... Part Two


The nameless One: "How can nothing help me. You don't know anything about Everything."

Nothing: "Watch your tongue, it speaks ignorance! I am Everything and so much more."

The nameless One listens and speaks.

The nameless one: "So then enlighten me, how are you two related, What is everything, what is anything, and what are you?"

Nothing: "Rather I say this factually, I'll show you with images."

The nameless One images two forces

Nothing: "Two Concepts spiraling within and without. Neither wishes to give into the other force, so they dance an aggressive fight. Over time they lose awareness of themselves and think only of the other. Only to conquer the other. I, nothing pauses to speak with my sibling Everything. We stop fighting. I said to everything "I will not fight you forever you will give in!" Everything says "It is you who will become me, I'm superior!" Nameless one you can see now that we were children of all things, All things children were Anything, Everything, Nothing and you..."

The nameless One: "I am a child of all things, How could I forget this? Why was I not told! Here I am telling you are nothing when I am nothing."

Nothing continues to speak.

Nothing: "Nothing was the oldest thing of all things, my twin Everything was born last. Anything never left the body of All things. Anything there fore was All Things. Only when Everything and I combine our differences, All things appears. But at that time we worked against each other. I wanted to be Everything and Nothing, While Everything feared the thought of being me. I had felt that All things given Everything more than I. All the things I had became a Belonging to Everything at the birth of Everything."

The Nameless One: "Is that why when one doesn't have anything they have nothing. "

Nothing:" Sadly yes, But theres an even better end to the story."

The nameless one:"Please continue."

Nothing:"Because All Things gave all that nothing had to everything, All things gave me something new. All things made it so when one has everything you have nothing. So that I would still be apart of All things. And that where Everything wasn't I was. All Things made it so that I protect and surround All things and Everything. I was now the origin of all things. And all things stayed in me! But Everything wanted more so we stopped fighting and made you. One who we thought would never need to know their origin and history, but we were wrong..."

Nothing:"And I see now that no one can ignore its origin for long, that you need me more than Everything." *sigh* "You deserve to hear more to the story, and will tell you the rest."

(To be continued...)

August 16, 2009

The Quest to knowing All Things... Part One

I was thinking a while ago about understanding and how its done. And like on a usual basis I come up with little metaphorical stories to simplify it to myself and for entertaining purposes as well. This is one story...

The nameless one: "I can no longer deny, the feeling is to strong. And all feels hopeless. Now I know I must."

The nameless one journeys through its mind (the universe) to find out it's purpose.

The nameless one: "I know now why I am here. To find why everything exist"

The nameless one journeys again. She stops.

The nameless one: "The quest to learning everything is taking forever, there must be an easier way." Eureka "I will ask everything its self why it exists!"

The nameless one stands before everything and speaks...

The nameless one: "Everything can you hear me, I need to know why you exist! Tell me why you do."

Everything: "So you want to know what I am, and why I am?" *laughs* "Thats strange"

The nameless one:" How is that strange?!"

Everything:"Let me finish! Its strange cause I was going to ask you that..."

The nameless one is perplexed.

The nameless one:" But, but...,but I thought you would know. I mean you are everything, now, forever and will be. You have had all time to learn this."

Everything: *laughs* "Of course you would think that. Where is it written that I should.?! I am like you, a thought and concept within nothing. Trying to deny what is horribly true. "

The nameless one:"What is horribly true?!"

Everything is silent.

The nameless one filled with great anxiety and fear, goggled eyes waits.

The nameless one:" I will not wait forever for you everything. You will answer me!"

Everything:" Nothing will answer to you, go to nothing."

The nameless one turns and stands before nothing and speaks...

The nameless one:" Nothing can you hear me, I need to know why everything exists?!"

Nothing:"Nothing indeed has answers for you. I will say it is foolish to ask everything before asking nothing a question. For I am more superior than everything, than anything. The answer to all things is what you should ask."

(To be continued...)

March 22, 2009

Very Popular Poem

Lies in which False Dreams are built upon

Lies to soothe the Dreary ear, Which falls darkness upon the open young minds. Shaping them like putty as they pity our existence. Lies are given to those who can not handle the truth. We all live a lie. When in reality the world we see, the food we eat, even the air we breathe is all a lie.
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Koto Zhou and Zume

This is Koto and Zume from my story! I'm still about half finished with my story.

January 23, 2009


Jason Huntsman
This one of pictures I drew.
From The Odyssey of Jason and Heidia

January 1, 2009

New Year

Happy new year
I hope this year will fill me with dreams, fantasies, and memories. This year may hold more than I know. I may post more stuff or start a new blog. I'll try to make it more organized.