November 15, 2009

The Quest to knowing All Things... Part Three

The nameless one: "What is in Everything that should matter to me?"

Nothing: "You. You are at the center of All Things, and All things revolves around you. All collapses inward to you."

The nameless one: "How do you know this? Wouldn't that mean you have been there?"

Nothing: "No but one doesn't need to know Everything to know All Things, to know you. All you need to know is whats missing, you completed All Things. In order for All things to exist in Everything the conditions must be made sustainable. You have done just that so far."

The nameless one: "What in you that I need more than Everything?"

Nothing: "Origin... One can never truly stray far from its original origin, always coming back to it sooner or later. When I became the origin of All Things, the cycle of All Things being the origin was broken and so now when Everything someday may at last stop resisting her fate and join me all shall be Nothing. You shall however choose your own fate Something."

The nameless one: "Are there others like me Nothing?"

Nothing: "You are the original child of Everything and I. Others are yet to be made though not by us but by you."

The nameless one: "Why does Everything know so little about herself? How Do I make others?"

Nothing: "She is all that is yet to become of All Things and you the finality of All Things. You are the at the center of All Things, all our power is your power. On the beginning of your quest, you sought to know Everything because of innocent blissful ignorance. Coming later to Nothing, let me show where to quest next, search within Something. There, is only the things that are worth knowing."

The nameless one: "Is that why I am?"

Nothing is silent.

The nameless one: "Nothing do not leave me, Everything do not leave me!"

The nameless one is silent. All Things is at last silent.

The nameless one: "The feeling is to strong now and all feels full of wisdom and hope. Now I know I must complete All Things, as if I can not find meaning in myself may one day another shall come in new form to complete All Things where I can not. And do the same as the universe has done for me."

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