May 15, 2010

French FairyTale Rough Draft (Page Two)


It was there they had created the prototype human beings. They had wanted a being capable of finding every bit of suffering as a joyous experience. The prototype feeling of laughter had already existed in the Adzev and dweller people. This ability was enhanced and refined, they called this refinement of laughter, humour, which the creations are named. The Humours were made to seem as if they physically mocked as they felt. The watchers at sometimes escaped to and enjoyed the world of the Humours.

The world was of great delight and fun; no weapons, war, or unfriendly competition. Their world was paradise. Their island was as if a sort of heaven. The anthropomorphic animals too were in harmony with them. Their world was the eye in the storm of chaos just beyond their world. The war to end all wars, the battle of the Empires was going to take place above the skies of the Humour world.
Sadly there was nothing the watchers society could do but watch as the threats close in. It was down to the last two Empires, the Samadla Order and the Adzev Empire. All the chess pieces in position and ready to battle.

While below the Humours enjoyed their world as if it was going to last forever, that destruction would never reach their world...

May 6, 2010

French FairyTale Rough Draft (Page One)

In french class our teachers assigned us to write our own fairytale. I am so delighted by this assignment because not every class allows us to be fully creative and make our own stories. I have many ideas for the story though finding a good beginning is the most difficult. Below is my rough draft I posted, till the teacher hands back my final draft story, I can't post it.

A Promise from Everything; The Curse of Bliss
by Jalia Hubbard

[Story told by the Obversant one] Do you know children, when the children ruled our world? Back long before the universe of the humans were made. Back when the Adzev civilization was free and destructive. Long ago when the prototype humans existed called the Humours, a people of only children. There they existed in harmony and peace with all of nature. Sadly the humours were in the wrong time, it was the age Something New within the season the Destruction of Destruction.

The Adzev people had for some time unrecorded been split into many kingdoms and empires. Two empires, the Samadla Order and the Adzev Empire, were at war. The secret society of the watchers of the 'Clock of All things' had used the battle as a distraction to escape the controlled space zones that they were allowed only to travel through. They journeyed to the desolate, and uninhabitable home world of the Adzev people.

The Adzev people have an obscured origin not written in a single legend or fancied by the Adzev scholars. They are the Dwellers, makers of the multiverses and its inhabitants. They are the intelligence incarnation and are necessary to complete All things.

It was there on the Adzev home world after being depleted of all resources, the watchers went...

May 1, 2010

Laying down the tracks (page seven Finality)

The man in charge believed they had reached a new town similiar to their own.

"I knew it, I knew we weren't alone. You see my workers a new town we have discovered in our journey. We have reached the horizon at last. Soon we will rest and be merry with new lives and new wives!" declared the man in charge.

Phil didn't want to argue with him. Phil didn't understand why it was so important to try to find a new town like their older one. Phil knew if it made him accept the fact that this is their home forever then so shall it be. He won't stop him from feeling this.

The women, children and men of the small town came running to the workers cheering for their return home. The workers forgot this was their home and had no reason to argue with the man in charge. They were unbelievably happy and had an intense feeling of completion. Phil alas did not share these feelings. He knew this was the same town. Phil however shall never realize that this was his punishment. That stupidity was a force able to suffer without question and easily be happy with reward and that knowlege had a price, it had a punishment. Phil would forever never know the emotions the workers had. Phil will never know the sense of completion. But phil will recognize that he was the reason to their completion.

That his sacrifice gave birth for the conditions to sustain such emotions. Phil finished his last rail. The workers fasten down the last rail. A silence was abound, the men were no longer workers. All the people ran into town like children, envoked by emotions and dancing and drinking to these emotions. So much merriment that Phil could never be apart of. Phil instead sat at the edge of the town on the imagenary fence between Everythin and Nothing.

Phil looked out into endless Realm of Nothing. He looked at the seemingly endless rail of tracks into the distance. Phil forced a smile on his face and teared from his eyes. It was a sense that there was in his life, something was bigger than his alone purpose. That he was working for the sake of All things. To preserve the duality and knowlege he now had. These thoughts made him feel happy.
As the sun set, and the stars began to glow. The undead desert turned into an ocean that the tracks floated upon. The universe became seen, and he could feel the presence of All things that night. He reached his hands upward and exhaled in the glory for a final time. His body fell, he laid half on the grass and half on the ocean. Smiling in his death. At last he had seen All things.
The End