June 5, 2010

French FairyTale Rough Draft (Page Three)


The great savior the Primeval Mother-
-came to them, the watchers, and spoke to them what they must do. The watchers society told them that the creator of their world was lost in darkness and needed to be saved. Some of the Humour children on their boats built by the watchers, sailed into the vast Ocean Sea. While the others stayed behind to enjoy their world.

It was then the battle begun and the Samadla Order sent out its bombers and aircrafts to destroy the Adzev Empire. That is when the foolish pilot accidentally dropped the bomb-
-that extinguished the island inhabitants.

The children that stayed behind were killed and all but a few aquatic animals escaped into the volcanic ventilated trenches of the Ocean Sea. The children that had sailed away-
-were not unaffected though; They were not killed instead they were mutated.
The empires fought till they both destroyed each other. Chaos followed as the empires traces disappeared. The makers of 'The Clock of All things', aka the watchers, knew to prevent the death of All things. Instead of having them all, the Dwellers, be destroyed they damned them under the desert they created on the Adzev home world...


angelshair said...

Beautiful Fairytale. I particularly loved the way you began your story.

Dyeve said...

I know you hate me..but I like you're crazy style..I have a crazy guy more or less just like you, here in my home. :D

So, I like you're new template ( the other one was too darkness - even I like black colour..) but why don't have a background? Is you're choose or....

I bet you can't hit me with some tomatoes ..:)