September 25, 2011

The Measure (Part two)

 Is within and without knowledge all there is to know?

Something having saved herself from doom with self-awareness some more, must once more persist against the odds.  It is that she must be herself and further still through beyond dimensions.  The subsequent dimension is the matrix for all the beyond and all the preliminary antecedents. That dimension would become to be known as Time.  This dimension is quintessential to the happening of reality thus it requires measurement in order to construe an equation.  'Twas 'till now that Something measured herself as a point and 'tis now that she measures as a line, a point through time.

What is time to be measured as?

Days divided into numbers.  Eternity made simplified.  Time is known as a measurement, a technology and a tool.  It is a distortion of reality so that we understand the sum of the parts.  If such a thing could ever be complete what it may be in further time.  Measurements are models for reality, not exact.  They can be scaled and distorted.  The process of such is a repercussion of limp limbs, where distortion usurps the quality of actual reality.  As a consequence information is lost the further from the origin that it is translated.  Any information that takes homage in a particular dimension is in need of another measurement or surface to persist in the rest, or if they are to be translated to a dimension beneath then the information that cannot be shown is represented through taught understanding and accepted meaning.

 What becomes of the shape of identity when information is added?

When a thing travels through the dimensions and it is without the necessary measurement for that dimension it gains a new face for its shape of identity.  Because of its new face it is not known the same as it was in its origin dimension.  A cube on a 2D medium will loose its volume and depth but gain a face of its representation when it is distorted into 2D.

How does Something measure the shape of identity in time?

The Light Bender casts light on reality to see what it may be, light from all across the spectrum.  What is reflected she in spite of judgment accepts what she sees as her perception.  All things does not go within judgement but without.  From the without realm, where she operates through without bias, she casts her light like judgement to a fixture which service as a given.  From the without realm she can know further still without being within limitations the without is narrowed.

What is known by this measurement?

What is known is the extent to which the farthest the measure is stretch to encompass reality and its opposite.  Like a point the Measure is the center of All things to encompass but further still the measure narrows its direction to stretch the limb farthest in that path achieving from that direction and its absolute sister pole.  Anything will be the given eventually from there All things will be known.

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