Understanding 'The Clock of All things'

'The Clock of All things' is mentioned in many of the stories and countless poems in 'The Omnicosm of All things'.  Most of which do not go into full detail about what the clock even is.  Some questions that appear to be fundamental proceed:
  1. What is 'The Clock of All things'?
  2. Who made it (within the characters of the Omnicosm)?
  3. Why?
  4. When?
  5. How does it operate?
These are a few questions to list.  Here are a few basic answers:
  1. "...Our ancestors [the Adzev] created the 'Clock of All Things' to measure the pulse of the omnicosms and the microcosms that repeated the cycle on a smaller scale..."-Narrator from Moving All things' Clock.  As quoted above, 'The Clock of All things' was made to measure Rhythm within All Things.
  2. Also quoted above is the creators of 'The Clock of All things'; though within another story, The Adzev, it specifically states a secret society called The watchers of 'The Clock of All things'. 
  3. The watchers of 'The Clock of All things', also known as The watchers society, created it to make it easier to observe the Omnicosm.
  4. At the end of the Stage Anything New and the season of The Destruction of Creation.  "...In this stage they "dehumanize" the people and take what is wrongfully theirs.  In the revealed secrets, some learn of the patterns in the Omnicosm.  Together these people create a series of clocks called 'The Clock of All things'...Such a creation led way to the Stage Something New and the Season the Destruction of Destruction..."-The Adzev.
  5. The operation of 'The Clock of All things' is very complicated.  The clock is divided into three main thirds.  Each third is divided into thirds and so on.  But the most important components of the clock is: Main thirds, and the segments (thirds of the thirds).  Each segment has a coordination and an address to refer to it.
This, as all of my works on the Omnicosm of All things, is a work in progress.