December 17, 2008


This is a poem I created for my health class.

Irritability at its all time height
The immediate threat causes a flight or fight
Physically weak, practically fatigue
Metal pause ignites the lack of succeed
Seclusion, frustration, and silence
Ache in its very presence
Tension and pressure where there should be not
Manipulation and cruelty, where kindness is ought
Oppressed by DISTRESS, frustration in every hour
Discouraged by the insignificant, the lack of power
The indefinte switching emotions
constantly imerging new currents and motions
Once proud ego has been belittled and nixed
Long-term issues have been neglected to be fixed
Anxiety and fear, doubt of a brighter day
Trembling and stuttering when the moment is to say
The drive to eat comes to a swift halt
The answer inside the deep withered vault
Apparent reason for tears has not shown
Simply there may have never been on answer to be known.

December 1, 2008

December 1, 2008

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to add a post today haven't posted in a while. Hopefully I'll get over writers block.

November 9, 2008

The Light Bender

Lights untamed, run wild and free
Lights rushing fast so that no one may see
The nameless one that purses a dream
In its mind, it had a marvelous scheme
It follows the lights where ever they go
Leaning everything that they know
The lights intermixing, blending, combining
Defying the universe, defying the defining
Silent, with stillness, the light makes no sound
circling the existence as they they go around
Existing with out reason, judgment, or permit
In a universe that they shamelessly omit
The dwellers agonize in in a bleak domain
With no existence to own or to pertain
Phenomenal happenings occurring at the moment
Though none can entertain, or interpret
The nameless one filled with rage
That no one could read a word on it's page
All the teachings it had learned and more
This nameless one that the lights abhor
Traveling in the domain of light in its explore
A reason and purpose it follows for
Surfacing through a bleak void
The lights scatter, run, avoid
The nameless one reaches its hands out far
Meandering the lights so they may not mar
It seizes the lights and inhibiting it from its way
Bending the lights as if in play
Coiling the lights to the universe thats known
The dwellers have now a place to call their own
The nameless one forever adored
Her actions are affix and shall never be ignored
A primeval Bender She became
Though inside her kindness stayed the same
The light Bender they endorsed her to be
Supervising all they could and can't see
With thought alone she abolished all anguish
The cycle ignited and the universe far from finish
The grievance alas has come to a conclude
No one shall evermore be in solitude
We exist and remit now here to abide
She, the light Bender gave us no reason to hide
Unbounded and free she still bends today
Omnipotent, Omnipresent, omniscient one should say

October 11, 2008


If I could never...
Never slip again
Never stutter the wrong words
Never regret anything
Never say "never!"
Never pick my nose
Never chew gum in school
Never step on a tack
Never be lazy
Never lose anything
Never walk away
Never give up
Never sink low to the bottom
If I could I would NEVER do any of these!

Homework Poems

wanted to stay unknown and alone.
In the darkness of her heart
every nightmarish hour of her life.
Because she was alone now and forevermore.

Your shadow
follows you to the edge of the galaxy.
As it walks right behind you
When the light beams strike you.
Because you are the shadow and it is the being.

Soulful, useful
Ever doing, searching, pondering
People, Earth, grave, corpse
Rotting, decomposing, haunting
Soulless, ever resting


Life(existence) is like a leaves blowing in the wind; the slightest gale of wind can lower or rise us. But all leaves fall; because all things end. That is what we must accept in our time of flowing.

Half of a Poem

-I understand that I do not think like most human beings.
I say, but am never truly heard.
I dream that some day I alone could change the face of the world.
I hope I can succeed.
I am an echo which calls but is never heard, forcing my voice to never
reach its destination.

Although this is only half of my poem, I am still looking for the other half.

Life (one)

Who does life belong to the living or the immortal, who has never lived. Do they live?

October 10, 2008


  • The truth is sometimes a painful, and a saving thing.
  • Facts are always there, they just need to be known.
  • Existence is like having an infinte amount of chapters in a book with no beginning or ending.
  • Only the cat knows how it gets to you. You only know when its there.

Forms of Pain

Pleasure is a form of pain. Pain is a suffering in some type that echoes louder than any love or pleasure could bring. Soundlessly deafening all pleasurable moments. Pleasure encourages, the body to indulge in slightly different acts of pain. Which in reality causes only pain, such as cutting ones hand with a knife will create the same amount of "pleasure" as holding someones hands dear to you. To simply it is a feeling which affects the mind and body. Equally the same but almost entirely different.

December 14, 2007

The true aspects of people

Let yourself come to hear the whisper of their words. The whisper of true words. The cruelty, hatred,and unforgiveness of their words. To say, their dying words. The words that they shall forget that they have spoken, and the words that you will remember to your grave.
Is all life not sacred to you? Are you a forgiver, or a forgotter? Or just another drop of dew in a vast ocean of wasted verbal calls of breath? What are we to you?... Are we even anything at all. Compared to the open blackness of the sky. Anything to the other worlds that lay out there with life, or were we always the center of attention.
Do your wild passions lead you away from the light? The stakes are higher with more power at will. But who cause the sufferings and wickedness but the powerful...huh? Are you a thinker or an ignorant, the thinkers were once the ignorant, but the ignorant was never the thinker.
When you look out the window each morning... Do you see it growing. The ignorant and stupidity are starting to uprise. As they grow, the intelligent, and sleek numbers dwindle. Can you not see each serious step we take until you reach the dark end of the sidewalk. Soon the thinkers will disappear. Caused by the ignorance of narrow-minded people.
We were once honored for our knowledge and are now threatened for it. Is there nothing left to gain? Wonder this; How far will you dig until there is nothing to see on the surface, we will do nothing but watch... Until the world is in your hands. What or shall all life evaporate. Us humans hold the key of life to the door of death. Will you open the door? And unleash a plague of extinction?
You may chase to its death. But what would you do when catches up with you. Your life will be their's, along with all their sins and slaughter. And all of yours...

October 6, 2008

Hello World

October 6, 2008
Hello World,

This is XxJamberxX. What a wonderful site that I stumbled upon, while searching through the internet.
For starters I'm thirteen years old (or at least when I wrote this). I live in an unimportant town, in Illinois. Not many intersecting things happen where I live. My school is slow (or at least the kids in it.) I usually do poetry, writing stuff (like this :p), drawing, and thinking. This maybe the only thing on the internet that you'll find out about me. I'm so invisible the world doesn't know I exist (Yet). Hopefully with this site I'll change that and share all my perspectives with the world (or most, the world's not ready for every thing I think.)