October 10, 2008

The true aspects of people

Let yourself come to hear the whisper of their words. The whisper of true words. The cruelty, hatred,and unforgiveness of their words. To say, their dying words. The words that they shall forget that they have spoken, and the words that you will remember to your grave.
Is all life not sacred to you? Are you a forgiver, or a forgotter? Or just another drop of dew in a vast ocean of wasted verbal calls of breath? What are we to you?... Are we even anything at all. Compared to the open blackness of the sky. Anything to the other worlds that lay out there with life, or were we always the center of attention.
Do your wild passions lead you away from the light? The stakes are higher with more power at will. But who cause the sufferings and wickedness but the powerful...huh? Are you a thinker or an ignorant, the thinkers were once the ignorant, but the ignorant was never the thinker.
When you look out the window each morning... Do you see it growing. The ignorant and stupidity are starting to uprise. As they grow, the intelligent, and sleek numbers dwindle. Can you not see each serious step we take until you reach the dark end of the sidewalk. Soon the thinkers will disappear. Caused by the ignorance of narrow-minded people.
We were once honored for our knowledge and are now threatened for it. Is there nothing left to gain? Wonder this; How far will you dig until there is nothing to see on the surface, we will do nothing but watch... Until the world is in your hands. What or shall all life evaporate. Us humans hold the key of life to the door of death. Will you open the door? And unleash a plague of extinction?
You may chase to its death. But what would you do when catches up with you. Your life will be their's, along with all their sins and slaughter. And all of yours...

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