November 9, 2008

The Light Bender

Lights untamed, run wild and free
Lights rushing fast so that no one may see
The nameless one that purses a dream
In its mind, it had a marvelous scheme
It follows the lights where ever they go
Leaning everything that they know
The lights intermixing, blending, combining
Defying the universe, defying the defining
Silent, with stillness, the light makes no sound
circling the existence as they they go around
Existing with out reason, judgment, or permit
In a universe that they shamelessly omit
The dwellers agonize in in a bleak domain
With no existence to own or to pertain
Phenomenal happenings occurring at the moment
Though none can entertain, or interpret
The nameless one filled with rage
That no one could read a word on it's page
All the teachings it had learned and more
This nameless one that the lights abhor
Traveling in the domain of light in its explore
A reason and purpose it follows for
Surfacing through a bleak void
The lights scatter, run, avoid
The nameless one reaches its hands out far
Meandering the lights so they may not mar
It seizes the lights and inhibiting it from its way
Bending the lights as if in play
Coiling the lights to the universe thats known
The dwellers have now a place to call their own
The nameless one forever adored
Her actions are affix and shall never be ignored
A primeval Bender She became
Though inside her kindness stayed the same
The light Bender they endorsed her to be
Supervising all they could and can't see
With thought alone she abolished all anguish
The cycle ignited and the universe far from finish
The grievance alas has come to a conclude
No one shall evermore be in solitude
We exist and remit now here to abide
She, the light Bender gave us no reason to hide
Unbounded and free she still bends today
Omnipotent, Omnipresent, omniscient one should say

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