December 17, 2008


This is a poem I created for my health class.

Irritability at its all time height
The immediate threat causes a flight or fight
Physically weak, practically fatigue
Metal pause ignites the lack of succeed
Seclusion, frustration, and silence
Ache in its very presence
Tension and pressure where there should be not
Manipulation and cruelty, where kindness is ought
Oppressed by DISTRESS, frustration in every hour
Discouraged by the insignificant, the lack of power
The indefinte switching emotions
constantly imerging new currents and motions
Once proud ego has been belittled and nixed
Long-term issues have been neglected to be fixed
Anxiety and fear, doubt of a brighter day
Trembling and stuttering when the moment is to say
The drive to eat comes to a swift halt
The answer inside the deep withered vault
Apparent reason for tears has not shown
Simply there may have never been on answer to be known.

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