May 15, 2010

French FairyTale Rough Draft (Page Two)


It was there they had created the prototype human beings. They had wanted a being capable of finding every bit of suffering as a joyous experience. The prototype feeling of laughter had already existed in the Adzev and dweller people. This ability was enhanced and refined, they called this refinement of laughter, humour, which the creations are named. The Humours were made to seem as if they physically mocked as they felt. The watchers at sometimes escaped to and enjoyed the world of the Humours.

The world was of great delight and fun; no weapons, war, or unfriendly competition. Their world was paradise. Their island was as if a sort of heaven. The anthropomorphic animals too were in harmony with them. Their world was the eye in the storm of chaos just beyond their world. The war to end all wars, the battle of the Empires was going to take place above the skies of the Humour world.
Sadly there was nothing the watchers society could do but watch as the threats close in. It was down to the last two Empires, the Samadla Order and the Adzev Empire. All the chess pieces in position and ready to battle.

While below the Humours enjoyed their world as if it was going to last forever, that destruction would never reach their world...

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Missy Ricco said...

When it comes to peace and laughter those states of being are not entitled to exist ad infinitum.