May 6, 2010

French FairyTale Rough Draft (Page One)

In french class our teachers assigned us to write our own fairytale. I am so delighted by this assignment because not every class allows us to be fully creative and make our own stories. I have many ideas for the story though finding a good beginning is the most difficult. Below is my rough draft I posted, till the teacher hands back my final draft story, I can't post it.

A Promise from Everything; The Curse of Bliss
by Jalia Hubbard

[Story told by the Obversant one] Do you know children, when the children ruled our world? Back long before the universe of the humans were made. Back when the Adzev civilization was free and destructive. Long ago when the prototype humans existed called the Humours, a people of only children. There they existed in harmony and peace with all of nature. Sadly the humours were in the wrong time, it was the age Something New within the season the Destruction of Destruction.

The Adzev people had for some time unrecorded been split into many kingdoms and empires. Two empires, the Samadla Order and the Adzev Empire, were at war. The secret society of the watchers of the 'Clock of All things' had used the battle as a distraction to escape the controlled space zones that they were allowed only to travel through. They journeyed to the desolate, and uninhabitable home world of the Adzev people.

The Adzev people have an obscured origin not written in a single legend or fancied by the Adzev scholars. They are the Dwellers, makers of the multiverses and its inhabitants. They are the intelligence incarnation and are necessary to complete All things.

It was there on the Adzev home world after being depleted of all resources, the watchers went...

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