November 15, 2009

Laying the tracks down (page two)

'To' is when you have an actual destination that is imaginable and you can understand it, stand above it, behind it, or next to it. It is irony because the small town apart of the nation under the Primeval Mother is always within Nothing. There is always a place 'From' and 'To'.

The man in charge declared a break. During the break Nothing happened and came to Phil. Phil saw him because Everything that evening made this possible. Phil stood before Nothing in the Horizon. Nothing spoke.

"Good afternoon sir, how are you?" Said Nothing.

Phil wondered how no one else noticed that Nothing was there. That a strange entity could appear out of No where and before all of the laborers unnoticed. Phil was no longer a worker he was a thinker. He at last questioned his place in Nothing. Nothing without a word just vanished into the background Everything. Phil reached his hand out to touch the air where Nothing stood. He felt Nothing still there, then he felt the air.

Phil looked at the workers who spaced out looking at the task, waiting for the break to be over to work once more, and never have to work again. Their faces were flawless and flawful. Phil looked at the horizon and thought.

"This is an impossible task we could never reach the where ever we are going. We are in the horizon of hind thoughts. We were done the moment we started. Some one should advise the man in charge."

Phil looks at the workers, who are just waiting.

"I guess it must be me. I'll tell the man in charge."

Phil walks forward to the man in charge who is surprised and with a look of fear in his eyes.

"What are you doing here? You're suppose to be with the rest on break. Far over there!." Cracked the frail voice of the man in charge.

"Sir, I must inform you of our task-!"

"Our we out of wood, if so I'm sure the train will be back soon. You can go away now." Interrupted the scared man in charge.

"No sir, you told me earlier we were building to the horizon. Thats impossible sir-."

"Of course it is if your not working, we're never be done! Break over, get of my sight!" Scolded the furious man in charge.

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