August 16, 2009

The Quest to knowing All Things... Part One

I was thinking a while ago about understanding and how its done. And like on a usual basis I come up with little metaphorical stories to simplify it to myself and for entertaining purposes as well. This is one story...

The nameless one: "I can no longer deny, the feeling is to strong. And all feels hopeless. Now I know I must."

The nameless one journeys through its mind (the universe) to find out it's purpose.

The nameless one: "I know now why I am here. To find why everything exist"

The nameless one journeys again. She stops.

The nameless one: "The quest to learning everything is taking forever, there must be an easier way." Eureka "I will ask everything its self why it exists!"

The nameless one stands before everything and speaks...

The nameless one: "Everything can you hear me, I need to know why you exist! Tell me why you do."

Everything: "So you want to know what I am, and why I am?" *laughs* "Thats strange"

The nameless one:" How is that strange?!"

Everything:"Let me finish! Its strange cause I was going to ask you that..."

The nameless one is perplexed.

The nameless one:" But, but...,but I thought you would know. I mean you are everything, now, forever and will be. You have had all time to learn this."

Everything: *laughs* "Of course you would think that. Where is it written that I should.?! I am like you, a thought and concept within nothing. Trying to deny what is horribly true. "

The nameless one:"What is horribly true?!"

Everything is silent.

The nameless one filled with great anxiety and fear, goggled eyes waits.

The nameless one:" I will not wait forever for you everything. You will answer me!"

Everything:" Nothing will answer to you, go to nothing."

The nameless one turns and stands before nothing and speaks...

The nameless one:" Nothing can you hear me, I need to know why everything exists?!"

Nothing:"Nothing indeed has answers for you. I will say it is foolish to ask everything before asking nothing a question. For I am more superior than everything, than anything. The answer to all things is what you should ask."

(To be continued...)

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