December 7, 2009

Laying the tracks down (page five)

"Anyways, Something my daughter, is within Everything who is surrounded by me. The mate of Everything," said Nothing.

"How can nothing mate with Everything thats impossible!" Said Phil.

"Nothing is impossible, thats why I'm here, your in my domain. You'll listen to my story the way I tell it and you'll understand it my way," lectured Nothing "Have you yet to ask Everything what she mates with? No you haven't therefore you do not know, but I do!"

"Weren't we just talking about me a moment ago?" Smirked Phil.

"This is exactly why I didn't want to help you, your impossible?"

"If I was then I'd be you," laughed Phil.

"Err, forget it knowledge apparently isn't worth that much to you?"

"Wait no I shall no longer interrupt you. I'll be quiet, Promise!" Spoke Phil.

"You are from my daughter Something, which makes you a fraction of Something. But because it is only you here within Nothing you are the closet thing to my daughter for a vast distance. You are heading into the Realm of Nothing called from. Your task is indeed impossible as you are in the impossible or my home. Nothing is in Nowhere, Nothing only appears when my siblings aren't there. Nothing is what my siblings and creator are in, and inside me is more of Nothing. I refuse to be measurable. The only beautiful thing within me is Everything, my love. I appear when I am summoned and when you mock Nothing."

"Is that all to know about you?" Questioned Phil.

"Of course there is little to know about Nothing. In fact the truth theres nothing to know about Nothing," said Nothing.

"So what reason is there to knowing this?"

"It is the truth and it is recorded that you must know Nothing to know Everything. Since I left you have been amazed with everything. You must teach them, the people of the Land of the Primeval Mother, that they are within Nothing. My last message for you is from the will of Everything. Continue your 'Phil turns' till you reach home."

"What if they see home and blame me?"

"These men are fools. Wait and see what happens," smirked Nothing.

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