February 12, 2017

One story for the Omniverse of All things

In English Class each student was assigned to write a creation myth after having read a chapter of creation myths from Native Americans and another myth from Africa.  On the project I got a 25/30 which is a good enough grade but most importantly I simply care about the story itself.

September 15, 2011

The Creation of Destruction
By Jalia Hubbard
            There was in the beginning, creation.  What marked the beginning was the creation itself.  From this creation all things that were to be came to pass.  The intentions of their juvenile creator became an entelechy.  She willed the matrix of the universe and willed it within.  With her very divine eyes she discerns the light from the dark and made the starry sky.  Soon the first generation of stars died and the next arose from their remains.  From the debris scattered in the cosmic catastrophe, there were the rudiments for solar systems to form.  One of such systems would be renowned as the harbor for Earth.
            On the Earth there was nothing till she wills it.  The juvenile creator existed further beyond the limits of the universe, further still than the matrix.  From there she fell upon the notion with enlightening serendipity that she needn’t make all things piece by piece, portion by portion.  She fixed the mechanics of the universe, intrinsic to its fundamental fractions.  The laws of science became the governing limits of a leniently organic and spontaneous universe.
            The mechanics of the universe worked in synch from the divine perspective.  In reality from below the mechanics were ever in conflict to terminate the other’s potential and exhaust its own force.  The paragon of violence actualized for all other systems to parallel to.  The creation of destruction had come amuck.  The mechanics were soon unreachable to the juvenile creator.
            Not only had the juvenile creator had made her doom but the doom of her progeny.  She found it to be that she could no longer persistent in the act of creation.  She dissolved into her matrix.
            The cold harsh, rash and fiery reality the mechanics created, prevailed the organic, spontaneous nature of the universe.  The logic of what would come to be was dependent on the factors known in the equation; meaning that the universe took on a deterministic nature rooted in the governing foundation of scientific reasoning.  This is why no matter how much now no will alone can change the predestined mechanics of the universe, where there is matter there is gravity and wherever there is a closed system, there will soon be entropy.  As absurd as we may reason, we will always defy this cold harsh, rash and fiery reasoning for it is the tendency of all things.

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