February 12, 2017

The Virtual Beauty

September 17, 2010

Patiently waiting to absorb the tingling mirth with my eyes
For this beauty so succumbing is left undisturbed and raw.
It enjoys the fever of its celebration
Embraces it with full concordance
Usurping the void that fill its absolute reign
No other could shape within
This virtually perfect beauty is impeccable
and its exhibited vulnerability supports its potential
O how it reigns upon the observer delicately
and how it eloquently dances in the eyes
Revealing its quaint soft roundness and meekly existence
with no other than the supplication to persist
To persist in giving the world its profound innate gift
what evil shall result from this request
what harm shall envisage with this beauty unleashed
Have we all not inherited the beauty in which we see
That which fills our eyes with lust for more
The only remedy for the new found absence is beauty more
There is no going back from sight of it
In no way can be unseen what has been seen
It engraves the nostalgia whence repentance is built
Daring our judgment foolish for our self restraint
Let us see our heritage of the cosmos
Let us see the virtual beauty in which we beseech.

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