February 12, 2017

Thank Nothingness

Jalia Hubbard
Written March 22, 2011
Written During: Detention
Thank Nothingness
There are those who find it at the utmost unlikelihood, to the greatest tragedy, with tremendous difficulty, to fathom or fancy the sweet soothing thoughts that there may be some wholeness or Great entity of great creativity out there outside, beyond, themselves. Thank Nothingness that ain’t me!
Well we must see what these people are obviously seeing when they espy a trait of nihilistic perversion. Apathy, lethargy, and abandonment obviously. But what about these special little three makes these people see make-believe masks of nihilism.
Well for one, nihilism is the position that there is no meaning to existence, not a belief or denial or anything. Well then many people draw their drive to live from the fact there is some meaning to it all, so by consequence they cannot seem to comprehend a person who is positioned in a nihilistic perversion. Well if they have no drive to live then they obviously don’t and they just sit there at home senselessly wasting their once and only. Well they must be lazy. They just don’t care. Apathy, Lethargy! Wait what about abandonment? Obviously the world either left them behind or they left the world.
Now we have seen it, we have seen what they have been seeing. Well about Nihilism, it’s none of those. In a simplified position, nihilism is a simple answer to a complicated question; what is the meaning of existence? – there is none!

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