February 12, 2017

(Will edit title Later)(Page Two)


You smell the almost finished berry cobbler in the air.-
-"Mmm so good," you think aloud. "Hey shouldn't your bath water be full? You better not let the tub over flow, we do have limited water!" yelled your mom to you when she became aware of you from your thoughts you spoke aloud.

You scram to the bathroom and see the tub over-filled and pourring out lots of water. The water is making its way out of the bathroom and to the hallway that leads to the kitchen. You run to get a towel from the closet downstairs. Down stairs smells like saltyfish to you because of all the fish in the barrels being stored for later. Foolishly you forgot to turn off the water and run to the spill creeping its way down the hall. Soon the towel is filled to its capacity and won't soak up anymore liquid. Once again you forget to turn off the water and run down to the salty fish smelling basement for towels. You grab four towels form the shelf; a blue one, a green one, a beige one, and a white one. You drop all the towels on the spill but the water has accumulated so much that it carries the towels with it. You finally give up and begin to cry loudly; you throw a fitfull tantrum.

Your mother walks into the hall after finishing dinner and sees you crying alongside the wall of the hallway. "Oh my go-", your mother says while she quickly rolls up her pants and comes to pick you up out of the flooding waters. While you still sob from big watery swellen eyes, you plead "I tried to clean it up, I did, trust me mama."

Your mother looks at you forgivingly and alittle self-ashamed. "I know it's not your fault, I shouldn't have left you to turn on the bath by yourself, you are after all only a toddler," your mother said while put you down in kitchen. You feel cold, the end of your pants legs had gotten wet from the flooding waters and started to cling to your skin; you never did like the feeling of the wet end of your pants leg clinging to your skin.

Your older brother brings you a pair of dry pants to change from the older wet ones. Both your father and brother walk into the hallway, your father carrying the mop and your brother carrying two towels; a blue and a white towel.

To be continued...

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