February 12, 2017

The Tree

The old proverb words...
"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree"

The Tree
by Jalia Hubbard
It's been spoken
By sound this idea has been awoken
As the twig is bent
so grows the tree
We are flowers
By life-sustaining showers
We tear and rip
We are the children
The saplings that grow
That as we age the more we know
We seek light
We seek strength
In Nature, the sun is bright
In its passion we grow towards might
We are also the trees
Shelter, resource, and life
In Nature, when the sun doesn't shine
The trees bend and entwine
But instead for sake of life
Rather the intent to delight the eyes
Will drives us up from the ground
To the starry place where light is found
Our will knows best
Our instinct knows where
This is not how it is this day
Instead human-kin has its way
Taking some strange shape
Degraded into an demeaning scrape
Not known to Nature
Though forever it is
Along side the truth that occur
The starry place is where we were.

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