February 12, 2017

Insanity (Part One)

September 22, 2010
Become aware my creation. Your creator has summoned you. Throughout all my omnipresence I only here abide with your limitable focus. As your creator of being I only ask of you a few simple things. In return this shall give to the giver the gift of giving. Your being was not by intention made to serve only me. You have many uses. But I dare you to find meaning outside my presence and find purpose outside my influence. Thus by default, you are whelmed by my inspiration! Do not cede to your creator; do not submit! I ask you rather to be with me. To do within and without while mirroring me. You have indeed fulfilled me! Without you, my first creation, I would have not been the creator. The me that you see and have come to understand is a concept whether precise or fuzzy. To be a creator is to resemble a thought you hold dear; the idea of who creates is a creator. In that sense you have made me, paradoxically I have made you. Hence we are both creators of different realms; do as I do then do more.
I only ask of you to create in fulfillment! Which my comprehensive minds means to behave in a manner that shall create and persist eternally in the act of creation.
There was Rhythm. The form that Rhythm manifested as was reality. More significantly Rhythm was the reality of reality, the emphasis with the verse, The Omniverse. Rhythm was only sensed by her dance. You have felt Rhythm; you have known her. You were made of Rhythm. Thence, you are all she is, all she tries to communicate, and all her potential.
You were made from reality. Not just its surface but the concept of reality in totality. If you comprehend reality you would know it is consequence of Rhythm that you are here. You are within the center of your focus. You are indeed vast and encompassing though here the part of you that looks upon the whole is where all the Rhythm spirals.
You wonder as you wander. This wondering is the potent blend between comprehension and sentimentality. You feel as you know. You wonder about Rhythm. You feel fear and awe. The awe arises from whelming comprehension while the fear emerges from the assumption of being unable to fully comprehend Rhythm.
It is only a consequence that you the mere infinitesimal point within the presence of your creator, feel as if there is never time to be able to comprehend all that Rhythm is. It is only duly that you would realize this fear is the wonder of comprehending that your self-burden, consciousness, maybe limiting. Though it is not that it is limiting that frightens you – but rather that you have the potential to distort reality to create an environment in which has obstructed your ability to navigate perfectly. This potential has frightened you. Apprehension has gripped you.
Tis the only natural thing for you to feel. It is also within the cognition that Rhythm comes to you in all ways always. The only potential to not understand her is made of willful ignorance. Remarkably there was never time to comprehend your creator nor is there ever time to not comprehend her. For instead you spent your days with Rhythm. You have left no days to know her.

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