February 12, 2017

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This story is my Second attempt at creating a narrative story from second person perspective.

You were wandering from your countryside cottage in the late afternoon.-
-Searching you were for some meaning to life. It was that the Southern Winds brought a thunderous storm that blew away your familes' crops. Since you were the youngest of all, all the relatives sacrificed most of their food to make sure you wouldn't go hungry. But time passed and food began to diiminish by decay and consumtion.

"Why live life? Why is the unsentient being so unkind?" You had spoken aloud to the uncaring sky. To you the sky has always been a place of awe and power.-
-The sky held many mysteries and obvious truths; you loved mysteries but as of lately you are fed up with them. So now you seek; you seek the meaning the meaningless seek; the purpose of life. You are foolish though because your search is vague and endless. It is that you will not realize that you should seek the purpose to keep on living; this you shall not know till you meet Aye of the Garden.

In the distance you can hear your mother calling you home, "Are you out there sweetie? Dinner is almost ready and you need sleep to wake up early for tomorrow!" You think, why would I want to go home and sleep to wake up to go to a funeral tomorrow. Still you drag your feet homewards. The sun is setting over the mountainous shurby landscape. -
-At last you arrive at the door with your mother waiting with an anxious face, "What took you so long? Well at least your home, now go take your bath," spoke your mother.

You turn on the hot water and leave while the tub fills. In the living room you see your father and older brother watching the television. What a connection, you think. You are happy to finally see someone in the family enjoying life again after the thunderous storms swallowed up two relatives and others died from starvation. Of course your happiness soon fleeds; you could never really stay happy long from the simple things in life. You always thought maybe I'll be happier if I leave this quite peaceful countryside for the big bustling cities of the world. Maybe there I'll fulfill my dreams.-
-You don't realize though that reality is on your side and all you need to do is be certain and determined of what you want in life. Yet you haven't yet manifested your dreams into a sequence of events or ideas.

Slowly you leave the living room while you step into the kitchen to watch your mother cook. Your mother is making desert, berry cobbler, your favorite. Looks like orange juice again for dinner you think as you have had orange juice since the thunderous storms destroyed your families' crops and murked the well's water.

To be continued...

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