February 12, 2017

The Unseen Field

The Unseen Field

by Jalia Hubbard

Far, far away in meadows of flowers and weeds
An unseen field that no one ever seeds

lays there this meadow left ever unseen
Where all life is left pristine and clean

It lies out of ken, touch, smell, and taste
Far, far away from where humans lay waste
Not sleeping at night or awaken at dawn
Never mowed or trimmed is the unseen lawn

Foliage savagely entwine and interdependent
Some firm and strong, some weak and suspendent
Who cares for the unneeded and the unseen
When all humankind snub this native scene

What cure does it hold, or knowledge worth knowing
In the unseen field where the lush is perpetually growing
and is it for the best that nature has hid this place
So that no toxins or impurities touch this space

Maybe she left it for future children to be able to undergo
and so maybe someday, their intrinsicality shall show
Or that at end, it when only the goddess has seen and shield
It may have purpose by that mean; As forever the unseen field

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