February 12, 2017

Fiasco for a Fortnight

September 13, 2010

For fourteen suns arose whence it came
At far east it has risen for all the same
To dauntlessly fight the wanton night
So that the moon may disgorge to the sun's light

Upon the first ray thence the able awake
To fill the day duly for righteous sake
Country lands brimmed to forest of serried trees
That able which wakes to envisage and sees

The profuse rain has rendered a flood
That takes the lives and limbs while leaving the blood
Those able who had ere gone away
Are those able to live to the next day

The waters had erst whelmed the lands below
Gathered the desperate and homeless ergo
Hence they went to the dry hill top to espy
Far beyond the whelming waters to the sky

Their whimsical ages had come to an end
The time whence animal, man, and plant befriend
An age of seeming illimitable moiling
Whence the good are victim to evil's foiling

What irony that the waters quaff their esteem
That wakes them up from a surreal dream
That brings them to the countenance of reality
A reality that denotes a bizarre brutality

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