June 6, 2011

Poetry I wrote during Sophomore Year

Jalia Hubbard

Jan 5, 2011

The Missed Eclipse

That which has brought havoc and death upon humankind

Has this December night provoked conditional pain

While waiting there was within the cosmos, a curious young mind

Whose hopes and wishes dashed from its self-imposed strain.

The snow, when known individually as the snow flake,

Is a humble living-dying thing, gone from the warmth of breathe.

However collectively, behold the havoc it will make

This December night it was a hope that braced death.

“There would be no eclipse in the sky,” the snowstorm willed

Our moon to be shadowed for once by our own presence,

Was the hopes dashed by the snowflake unfulfilled.

Lost to the possibilities was this forbidden event’s essence.

The curious young mind will go with knowing but however

She will keep the knowing, it was to happen; this lasts forever.

April 14, 2011

Blank Mind

Blank mind haunting

my brilliance it is taunting

I had a great joy but now

It escaped my focus somehow

So I am left with this blank mind

The stream of thought I lost, I cannot find

The blankness is bleak

My pride corrupted to meek

Blank mind haunting

my brilliance it is taunting

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