May 2, 2011

Expound the Sound

A Poem to Love
and to be lovedThe physical, emotional feeling we dear know as love, intangialbe to all
Empty to its call
impervious to vocialization
Implausable for visualization
Metaphor the only key to fathom such vis
Shared through the visible hug or kiss
sophomoric to the life, inable to dismiss
Uncapable to Expound the very sound
confined and misfortunatly bound
To the delusive ground
Nothing could liebarate thy
Woe and greif has captive me
What frees most
shackles, and take as victim
Such beauty in its name
Step on stones in the pleasure of the game
This love it only mystifies me
Beyond my knowing in this phyical domain
Seperated by this physical plain
Someday I may comprehend
For now it is only to far to apprehend.

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