July 10, 2011


December 2, 2010

By Jalia Hubbard

Our hold upon the world is a loose one. Memory ought to be rejuvenated to its fresh state. Our hold ought to be accepted to be studied. All weaves of the mind must be connected. The fray that looms upon the edges of our reality threaten to unravel our fabrication of understanding for inane vanity. For every string lost the hold as a whole is loosened. A string is a line and a line as a point, being a measure of our focus. The blanket as bundled focus made of string as it is to a line as it to a point. That bundle is a concept as is reality, a single concept.

Should comprehensive concepts be worded?

Our blanket covers all the features of reality including itself. A blanket that can wrap in around itself and discover itself.

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