December 28, 2010

The Measure (Part One)

What means are used to know?

There was as there has been in Rhythm, a measure within All things. This measure is referred to as The Measure. For it is that The Measure, connotes to the self imposing all that it seems upon All things. This is the self's way to decipher the message Rhythm dances. Something was the first to use this measure. It was when she was solely the nameless one. Knowing herself came with only a measurement, her own. In seeing she saw only herself, in feeling she felt only herself, and in sound and in all. With all her mind's capacity focused on the fathoming that she knew her external self, she knew nothing of herself even if was only herself she had ever sensed. Measured amongst All things, she knew not a thing yet.

What is it to bring the nameless one to knowing herself?

As she was with her "family", All things, Nothing, and Everything, she go to her place to see all her nonentities. She'd play within, she'd learn without, and she'd be. When it was that the nameless one grew to be Something, knowing herself so, she come once more to her family. To her family she would see herself, feel, hear and so. But in this event it was that she saw what was for once. In them she saw herself and rightfully so. They are her, derived from an older source as her, more of her than she could immediately fathom.

What was it that she saw?

What was, was her limit; what is, is her measure. For having gone throughout All things, for having learned Everything then Nothing, then Rhythm, she had grown with unmeasured proportion. After her learning she does return, thence she has the capacity to know. She is able to know that her "family" is her limit. They were the limit of her influence, she could do no more to them than as to change herself. They were a symbol her own destruction of her own being. As she was to have an effect upon her environment all but one feature, her family. And it is held true that it cannot be that the ones more advanced than ourselves would be able to be influenced by that which comes from the same source.

What is then to be come of her false being?

She reacts as she would to Nothing, a glimpse of self-doom. Fear and anger, regret and blame, all things repulsive, expressing her reaction gone wrong. As Rhythm does she would try to distance herself away from her offense. She would try to escape, but fatefully encounter them everywhere she could go. She has seen her flaw, her vestige of her umbilical cord. Even though the present connection had faded, its impression persists.

What ought she to do to escape this doom?

This is the repercussion of self-awareness. The structure is waiting to collapse only needing stimulus, which awareness connotes. If she is to complete All things there mustn't be this sort of doom, or it is the death of All things. This has only been because it was solved and it has been passed.

What of The Measure?

It is here that The Measure gains its meaning. It is within her structure to persist, as life does. Only more self-awareness would cure such an ill. With hindsight, it was that there was never anything wrong at all. She had not seen all of herself.

What of the ending?

It would return as that what has made herself would destroy herself if it would not continue to be herself. And from there in all ways always cause the revulsion it has for the nameless one and Something alike. It was that she was so encompassing that she would pertain the potential to destroy herself. As in all her reactions there was the potential to destroy herself, past, present, and future. Those reactions are symptoms of her evolving self into a being past the ability to destroy itself and know itself.

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