January 3, 2011

Words Lack the Morality

Deprived of humanity and passions that fuel. Devoid of self expression or enthusiasm. Though these omissive things are used more frequently than any other form of communication. Even within these very written scriptures they lurk and dwell. Inhabiting all written objects devoted to lore. They can twist and turn into half-truths and lies. Destroying lives before Our very eyes. They lack meaning and can only define there kind, self-sufficient. These things come out from our very breathe. People slaughter and die for these external influences. Though the human who verbalizes them are committed with the enormity of its purpose. This razz ma tazz is spoken and its intention can be wrapped to such opposing sarcastic meanings. Gesture and facial displays of emotions can help sustain its phantom weight. Very heartless, though it naugh be an entity or hold and quantity. But shares the meanings with other existing dwellers. it leaches to it as if it could consume. It cannot grow though its appearance may be facaded and covered..Altered perhaps. Why...cause words lack the morality of reality and are illusions to have a grip on our virtual world. To hopefully comprehend it but with such we have lost much more. We have lost our morality and are value. Lost is never non-existent just misplaced, and we will have a grip of our own.

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