November 5, 2010

I Finally Matter (Part Finality)

I feel the stems of this brush of delicate artifacts upon me. Much time do they spend brushing me all around. The hands pick me up and brush my back. The voices fade; they place me around a hook, within a box of light. Intricate metal pieces click. Then they turn the box upwards so that I hang from the hooks.

They place this box of light into another box of sealed lightlessness. I hear the beating of metal which reminded me of when the old girl had sharpened me many ages ago. Though it was not me being sharpened, for a tedious time I saw and heard Nothing. Nothing spoke about nothing. Nothing vanished; the other box of sealed lightlessness was unsealed. As I heard the sound of cracking wood and felt the light of sky.

Voices came near, the sound of labor and cracking, sealing and sharpening, the sound of work.
Nadir spoke, “What a fine exhibit, that necklace as a great find indeed!”

“We found skeletons in a burial near the site. A woman’s skeleton was best preserved. Do you think it would be better to add the necklace upon it?”

Could this be the old girl? Are we finally to be reunited? But what if it isn’t her? I do not want to end up upon the neck of another. But if it is? Oh I am so confused.

“No it would best be put upon the wall. We already have the wall set up for the necklace itself. But we could make an imitation for the skeleton of the old woman.”

“Sounds like a sound plan, Sir,” said Nadir.

The old woman, oh no what have I wished for! Damn my confusion, my doubt must have cursed me away from my love. I know this must have been her. Nothing help me please. I don’t think I can stand this pain of love!

Where is Nothing; he has not come? Am I alone with myself? The people place me on to this wall and the lights flicker off. The sunlight not soon after crept into my box where I hanged. The sound of work resumed. Though after half in that daylight, the sound of work moved away into the hall from which I traveled through to here.

I was alone again, unfamiliar voices passed me by. The sunlight moved on. It was darkness around. I sigh.

“So you’ve finally made it,” said Nothing as he appeared out of the air.

Nothing at last you’re here! Now tell me how to leave this agonizing world for a last time!

“I can’t let you leave. I have no power over that. I don’t know what to tell you to relieve your agony. Only you can tell me how to help you.”

I did. Relieve me of this world!

“Don’t worry it’s almost over-”said Nothing as he vanished.

The sun crept in; many voices passed me with awe and amazement. I could hear shrill voices questioning, mature voices preaching, and many others conversing in my honor. It was odd to be on the minds of many people who came every moment of the light, each time with different voices.

This happened for a great many years. At times there were no people. Time flew till I reached a vast celebration. I could hear the people open bottles of high concentration. The cheering of many roared and the sound of loud cracks in the sky; I hear these cracks every year but this was the greatest I’ve ever heard.

“The exhibit has been going well but maybe it’s time we’ve made room for new?”

“True it has been some dozen years since Nadir discovered it at the excavation.”

“It’s the new millennium! It’s time we’ve attracted a new generation of vistors!”

“Where will we put the exhibit?”

“In storage of course or at least till someone wants to buy it.”

Storage, Millennium, me? Are they to send me away again into a lightless place? Even farther from my love. Something seems to have just come to my awareness. It feels as if I have been away from my love for so long I can’t even remember her. Nothing is all I can remember. Her voice fades; her warmth, love, faith, and kindness fade into nothingness.

What did Nothing say? Oh yes, he said it’s almost over! Maybe there’s a happy ending. Maybe the old girl is waiting for me or maybe Nothing is?

Soon all this won’t matter to me. Why do I care for the old girl? They’re right; this is a new time made for Something New.

I can remember those last few moments so clearly. Such good memories I had on Earth. What happened was–

I heard many voices fade, the cheering, and drinking ceased. The sky no longer cracked. Then the sun rose. What a bright sun that was, though it’s too bad I had too much idiocy not to notice. All I can remember I was thinking about the old girl. I was so immature and unready.
I heard the low voices unhitch me from the wall as others put the lid aside onto a floor. They placed me into a squeaky material which surrounded and soon covered me. The lid was placed on top, and then I saw the light fled. It became lightless. I heard the hammer pound the nails down.

That was truly the last time I had seen light. They stored me far away into a nether world on a shelf. I was never sold or moved again. But it wasn’t because no one wanted me. It was that because there was none to want. At some point in time, time was out. Nothing, Everything, Something, and the dwellers returned to Earth.

From the nether world I saw no destruction. I felt the Earth tremble with sadness as she destroyed her creations. The dwellers watched as their creations die. Some dwellers died as well. The “Clock of All things” had reached the ‘9’. It was all over now. Nothing was now in control of All things. The dwellers sang the poem “The destruction of destruction.” I was curious to the outside world.

Everything relinquished her creations to Nothing. She no longer wanted or needed them. The sky and sea merged into one as they evaporated into the heart of Nothing. As Something stepped upon the Earth; All things and her children began to dance of “the Macrocosm” and “the Microcosm.” It was a new dance that was the purpose of this reality. The reason all this was created was to create the sustainable conditions for the dance called “The Self.”

All ends in the eye of Something. Earth became twisted and pulled. Earth was stretched as if it was light, bending around the dance of “The Self.” The fiery rage of the Omniverse cooled into the white light blue. The blue swirled around Something. All things revolves around Something. All the souls were left stranded without Everything. All the souls were left with Nothing who greeted them.
I had no soul, but I was aware. I saw the Old girl. She smiled back at me. Her soul came closer. Ambience of sparkling white blue mist encompassed her light. She was the brightest star of the sky. She was all that was in Nothing. She reached forward to me and asked.
“Give me your hand.”

I have no hand to give. No voice to tell her. It’s hopeless.

“You do have a hand. You have to want it!”

How could she hear me?

“You have no body, no rock or embodiment. I can read you naked before me. Be all that you wanted. Be with me!”

How do I do this, how do I create?

“All things is new; at this time no order exists! Do what you want while time lasts.”
With a voice I spoke “But all time is over!”

“I knew you could. If only you were human –sigh.”

I questioned, “I have a soul?”

“You speak, you have earned it, at this point, all points are on another right, wrong, dark, light, and the vague are at one, without it there is Nothing. Within it you are Everything! The truth is of itself no more duality, simple, and at last truthfully true. Real and unreal are at last one point and All things revolves around you.”

“But I was created from fiery rage! I am the Earth! Shouldn’t I be twisted like her?”

“I was of the Earth too. You are no longer the entity you had known. At this point, wrong stands on the same ground as right. True a rock has no soul. But you are the impossible one over All things!”

For the first time I looked down with a neck to the body I long wanted. I saw my hands before. I turned around away from the old girl to view Nothing behind. I turned to face her for a kiss. She was gone!

Vanished into Nothing the moment I laid my eyes off her. What have I done! I lost her for Nothing! Forever alone with Nothing within Nothing. I dread the love of Nothing. I hate his presence, though Nothing won’t go away.

I remembered crying, as I cried that moment in Nothing my body too vanished. There before me levitated Nothing about Nothing.

“Greetings from Nothing,” smirked Nothing.
“What are you doing here?”

“You’re in the middle of Nothing, why wouldn’t I be here?”

“I don’t want to play around Nothing! I lost my love after waiting so long.”

“Your love?”

“You know her Nothing! Don’t play around!”

“What is this play you speak of?”

“Are you kidding me?”

In true confusion Nothing said, “Kidding?”

“But what? Was just? All of that? Huh!”

“Oh no, there has always been Nothing. I’ve been here all this time greeting you. You finally replied!”

“That was all Nothing?”

“No I’m Nothing. I have no clue what you were experiencing! I know what you don’t. I am what you aren’t.”

“Then I am Everything?”

“Of course, Everything you experience happened in you!”

“So metaphorically speaking, my love was with me all along?”

“There is no love. There is only the self. Why can’t you accept that?”

“Because what I did to myself wasn’t fair!”

“You did it to yourself. You shouldn’t be so upset then. Enjoy the presence of Nothing. I’ll always be here,” smiled Nothing.

“That seems like an interesting plan. Hey Nothing I have a great idea!”

The End

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