July 3, 2010

The Legend of Fear and Love

The Legend of Fear and Love

All things was forever indifferent to her children after she dissolved Rhythm. It is that All things felt all emotions at once. Dark cancelling out light, fear cancelling out love. Though it wasn't always this way. At one time Rhythm was formless and a separate entity. Rhythm danced two perspectives of what she experienced. There was the dance of 'The macrocosm' and 'The microcosm'.

The dance of 'The macrocosm' and 'The microcosm, were entirely the same except the fact two things had to dance to it synchronized and at once.
Rhythm made other dualistic dances such as Light and Dark, and, Love and Fear. Each child of All things was subsequently given a duality to dance to.

Before the Children of All things were born Rhythm spoke to All things.

"All things my sister, you love my dance but hate me. I shall give and teach you the meanings to my dance and hopefully you shall see what I saw!"

Rhythm began to dance the dance of Fear and she distanced herself form All things. In her dance through the eyes of Rhythm, All things became repulsive and unattractive to this energy she created. So she wished to escape the presence of All things.

Upon this moment All things had created Curiosity which allowed her to follow the strange acting Rhythm. She, All things, in a manner of this curiosity was attracted to Rhythm. Which cancelled out her unattraction to All things.

Rhythm stopped dancing and moving away from All things who had no reason to no longer be curious.

"I see you too reacted to my new dance! Hmm I shall show you its contradiction."

Rhythm begun to dance the dance of Love which attracted her to All things. Through the eyes of Rhythm once more was that her energy had created on illusion that All things became. The form of All things highlighted all her best qualities within her and in those qualities she found a love for Rhythm. Rhythm felt her feelings were mutual but incomplete so she came closer to All things to complete these feelings.

All things created Acceptance which compliment the dance of Love and allowed it to come closer and fulfill its potential. At the embrace of Rhythm and All things she was so in love that she dissolved her.
Finally Rhythm had been given form. She was shaped and changed by this acceptance into this thing that when given the opportunity and is fully accepted can find its place within another definite force. Rhythm was in All things.

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Floyd M. Benjamin said...

As promised I have come to explore your blog and read your writings. I see you possess the ability to express yourself well with words and creative imagination. Very good. I will come back tomorrow and view more of your writings
Thank you.
F. M. Benjamin